Fight against doping in American foodball in Serbia

Seminar with theme „Fight against doping in American Football in Serbia“ was held on April 19, 2008 at the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education. This seminar was supported by Anti-doping Agency of Serbia, Federation of American football in Serbia and Novo Nordisk Pharma d.o.o.

Opening lecture with a topic“Dangerous aspects of steroid misuse in American football“ was presented by Svetozar Damjanovic, MD, PhD, professor in University School of Medicine and director of the University Institute for Endocrinology.

Two other lectures were presented by a doctors who are emplyees of Antidoping agency of Serbia. Second lecturer was dr Valentina Stulic and theme of her presentation was „The most frequent used doping substances with their side effects“. This presentation was planned as a closer aproach to The list of prohibited substances and all the medical issues of doping along with a side effects of the frequent used doping substances.

Third lecturer was dr Jelena Suzic and her presentation „Basic rules and facts about procedure of doping control“ was a way to show all the participants of seminar kee points of doping procedures and to point out all the responsibilities and rights of athletes, medical stuff and people involved in sport associations.

Participant at the seminar were coaches, doctors and administrative stuff of clubs within Federation of American football in Serbia. During the discussion they all showed interest for all the aspects of doping, procedures and responsibilities as well as interest in process of therapeutic use exemptions (TUE).

The end of this seminar was also at the same time opening of Central European Football League in Belgrade and all the participants were invited at the game Belgrade Wolves vs. Zagreb Thunder.

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