During period from 1st to 4th October 2008 had been organized Balkan Sports Medicine Congress in Bucharest, Romania. One of the most important topics had been Doping in sport. Director of Anti Doping Agency of Serbia, Dr. Nenad Dikic, presented corporate project of Balkan countries (BUL, GRE, ROM, TUR and SRB) “Medical doctor and doping in sport: Attitudes and experience in Balkan region”. Background for this project is significant amount of doping positive cases of Balkan athletes during the Olympic Games in Sidney 2000 (44%) and in Athens 2004 (20%). The situation didn’t change much in the last Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 (14%). Conclusion is that athletes are not informed about doping because of poor knowledge of medical doctors. It’s good to know that doctors are interested in additional education and they want to participate in its prevention.

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