ADAS has participated at the annual meeting of the World Anti-Doping Agency in Lausanne

The main theme of this year’s symposium of WADA is “intelligent testing” which represents a theory that doping control should be planning on the basis of previous research, experience and cooperation with the sports staff. It is the only way to show athletes how an active anti-doping fight is developing. In order to explain the WADA representatives who are the main problems with the functionality of ADO, the participants were divided into smaller working groups so that they can share their experiences related to testing, therapeutic exemption and whereabouts.

Themes that dominated in the first day of the meeting were cooperation between anti-doping agency and international federations. Everyone agreed that the problem of communication in terms of registered test group and a therapeutic exemption from both sides exists and that the only way to solve it- is to be compliance with Cod and standards, in which it was emphasized that bilateral cooperation is required. The future development of anti-doping agency is certainly in the overall use of ADAMS database that could one day supposed to facilitate business and administration in general, even the procedure itself doping control.

WADA representatives also spoke about current issues related to the biological passport and who are considered part of the International Standards for testing at least a clear and necessary in the everyday work of ADO.

Our agency is represented through communication with all past and potential new partners, developing the idea of reviving CEADO in the near future.

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