Lecture on doping, nutrition and supplementation was held on June 8th, in the premises of the WFC “Mašinac” in Nis, to football players and their coaching staff. Representatives of the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia and Sports Medicine Association were impressed by the presence of large number of girls in football jerseys who train in conditions where their love of the sport is obviously crucial.

In addition to the well-known issue in the field of doping and nutrition, attendees had the first opportunity to listen to a lecture in the field of sports psychology, held by Dr. spec. Djordje Curcic. Psychiatric problems in sport have interested whole audience, because that is segment of the sports medicine which is of importance to coaches and athletes.

ADAS and SMAS support the promotion of women’s sport, which has been successfully implemented this time in partnership with the Football Association of Serbia.

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