The third CME at Medical faculty

Institute of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

Institute of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology
Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade

The idea that Dr. Marija Andjelkovic and Dr. Nenad Dikic during specialization of clinical pharmacology give lecture which indicates the importance of interaction of physical activity, sport, doping and certain medical fields has proved to be more than successful. Thus, on the Clinic of Gastroenterology they have stressed the importance of physical activity for the diseases of gastrointestinal tract, while at the anesthesia they have attempted to look at all the effects of drugs and supplements that athletes take on anesthesia. Thanks Doc. Dr. Ivan Palibrk psychoactive substances are being presented and their impact on anesthesia and human life. In addition to the Doc. Palbrk we would like to thank to Doc. Dr. Aleksandra Milutinovic Sokic, Prof. Dr. Srdjan Djuranovic and Prof. Dr. Vesna Trifunovic Skodric without their help we could not present such an important topic for us and to get to know colleagues with problems concerning doping. Of course not all of this would be possible without support of our mentor Prof . Dr. Radan Stojanovic, who among other things has become a member of the of Therapeutic Use Committee of Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia.

The fourth lecture will be on June 6. at the Department of Psychiatry. We invite all colleagues to come, especially since all the lectures are accredited with 2 points for participants and with 3 for speakers.

Antidoping agency of Serbia with this justified the average of one educational lecture per week, but again idea was ahead of other agencies in the region and Europe with wish to introduce the problem of doping to colleagues by expert and evidence-based lectures.

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