ADAS and SMAS about the importance of physiotherapist in the medical team, recovery and rehabilitation


The 7th Congress of physiotherapist called “Movement for a Smile” was held last weekend in Nis. Doc. Dr Nenad Dikić and Dr. Marija Andjelkovic in front of ADAS held a lecture about the role of physical therapists in patients’ and athletes medical team. Physiotherapy is an integral part in their treatment, recovery and rehabilitation. ADAS recognize partners and professional associates in physiotherapists who used the Congress as a space to display all the latest developments in their work. Monitoring heart rate, fitness as part of physiotherapy, nutrition and supplementation for patients during physiotherapy-were the topics of lectures which held Dr. Dikić and Dr. Andjelkovic. Physiotherapist association was grateful for the provided support, as well as remembering how their role is important and decisive in treating patients but also athletes.


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