ADAS is one of 8% of the world’s national Anti-Doping agencies which are in compliance with the Anti-Doping Code 2015.

Since January 1, 2015, since the World Anti-Doping Code has been revised, the anti-doping community has devoted many efforts to implement it in the rules, regulations, laws and programs of all its members, national anti-doping agencies, international federations, major organizers and other anti-doping organizations. Subsequently, WADA focused on testing the quality of the Anti-Doping Questionnaire in order to monitor compliance with the 2015 Code and all related standards.

The first results of the compliance audit are just presented to the finished WADA Symposium. As we already informed the public, ADAS has got confirmation at the beginning of the year that it was fully in line with the 2015 Code, but we did not know then that we belonged to a small number of national anti-doping agencies (NADO) that achieved this goal. More precisely, out of 204 NADO, 16 were successful, and among them is the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia, and among 51 of the NADO in Europe, ADAS is one of the 11 who have reached compliance.

This is not only a great success for our country, but also proof that ADAS is working all the years in accordance with the standards and the Codex and it is one of the leader in this field in Europe and in the world.

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