Pursuant to Article 6, Paragraph 1 of the Law on the Prevention of Doping in Sport (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 111/2014), athletes and other participants engaged in sports activities and activities within the meaning of the law governing the field of sport, are obliged to allow and enable doping control. Doping control, according to Article 7 of the same Law, is a procedure that involves planning a test schedule, selecting athletes for testing, collecting and handling samples, laboratory analysis, results management, investigations and appeals. Doping control is regulated, determined, organized and implemented at sports competitions and out of sports competitions by the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia, except for the one conducted by the competent international sports federation at international competitions organized in the Republic of Serbia. The rules of the Anti-Doping Agency must be in accordance with the Law on Ratification of the European Convention against Doping in Sport (“SFRY Official Gazette – International Treaties”, No. 4/91), the Law on Ratification of the International Convention on Doping in Sport (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia – International contracts “, No. 38/09), World Anti-Doping Code and International Standards Approved by World Anti-Doping Agency. Article 10 of the Law on the Prevention of Doping in Sport stipulates that the rules of national sports federations must comply with the rules of the World Anti-Doping Code and the relevant international sports federations. With this in mind, the Anti-Doping Agency of the Republic of Serbia draws attention to athletes that by their participation in sport they agree to all of the following in the form of the World Anti-Doping Agency, which refers to the mandatory consent of the athlete as a precondition for participation in sport, which we give below (original form is available at…):


As a member of [National Federation or International Federation] and/or a participant in an event authorized or recognized by [National Federation or International Federation or MEO], I hereby declare as follows:
1. I acknowledge that I am bound by, and confirm that I shall comply with, all of the provisions of the [IF or MEO] Anti-Doping Rules (as amended from time to time), the World Anti-Doping Code (the “Code”) and the International Standards issued by the World Anti-Doping Agency (“WADA”), as amended from time to time, and published on WADA’s website.
2. I acknowledge the authority of [IF or MEO] [and its member National Federations and/or National Anti-Doping Organizations] under the [IF or MEO] Anti-Doping Rules to enforce, to manage results under, and to impose sanctions in accordance with the [IF or MEO] Anti-Doping Rules.
3. I acknowledge and agree that any dispute arising out of a decision made pursuant to the [IF or MEO] Anti-Doping Rules, after exhaustion of the process expressly provided for in the [IF or MEO] Anti-Doping Rules, may be appealed exclusively as provided in Article [13] of the [IF or MEO] Anti-Doping Rules to an appellate body, which in the case of International-Level Athletes is the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).
4. I acknowledge and agree that the decisions of the appellate body referenced above shall be final and enforceable, and that I will not bring any claim, arbitration, lawsuit or litigation in any other court or tribunal.
5. I understand that:
a. my data, such as my name, contact information, birthdate, gender, sport nationality, voluntary medical information, and information derived from my testing sample will be collected and used by [IF or MEO] [and its member National Federations and/or National Anti-Doping Organizations] and WADA for anti-doping purposes;
b. WADA-accredited laboratories will use the anti-doping administration and management system (“ADAMS”) to process my laboratory test results for the sole purpose of anti-doping, but shall only have access to de-identified, key-coded data that will not disclose my identity;
c. I may have certain rights in relation to my Doping Control-related data under applicable laws and under WADA’s International Standard for the Protection of Privacy and Personal Information (ISPPPI), including rights to access, rectification, restriction, opposition and deletion, and remedies with respect to any unlawful processing of my data, and I may also have a right to lodge a complaint with a national regulator responsible for data protection in my country;
d. if I object to the processing of my Doping Control-related data or withdraw my consent, it still may be necessary for my [IF/MEO] [and its member National Federations and/or National Anti-Doping Organizations] and/or WADA to continue to process (including retain) certain parts of my Doping Control-related data to fulfill obligations and responsibilities arising under the Code, International Standards or national anti-doping laws notwithstanding my request; including for the purpose of investigations or proceedings related to a possible anti-doping rule violations; or to establish, exercise or defend against legal claims involving me, WADA and/or an Anti-Doping Organization.
e. preventing the processing, including disclosure, of my Doping Control-related data may prevent me, WADA or Anti-Doping Organizations from complying with the Code and relevant WADA International Standards, which could have consequences for me, such as an anti-doping rule violation, under the Code;
f. to the extent that I have any concerns about the processing of my Doping Control-related data I may consult with the [IF or MEO] and/or WADA (, as appropriate.
6. I understand and agree to the possible creation of my profile in ADAMS, which is hosted by WADA on servers based in Canada, and/or any other authorized National Anti-Doping Organization’s similar system for the sharing of information, and to the entry of my Doping Control, whereabouts, Therapeutic Use Exemptions, Athlete Biological Passport, and sanction-related data in such systems for the purposes of anti-doping and as described above. I understand that if I am found to have committed an anti-doping rule violation and receive a sanction as a result, that the respective sanctions, my name, sport, Prohibited Substance or Method, and/or tribunal decision, may be publically disclosed by [IF or MEO] [and its member National Federations and/or National Anti-Doping Organizations] in accordance with the Code. I understand that my information will be retained for the duration as indicated in the ISPPPI.
7. I understand and agree that my information may be shared with competent Anti-Doping Organizations and public authorities as required for anti-doping purposes. I understand and agree that persons or parties receiving my information may be located outside the country where I reside, including in Switzerland and Canada, and that in some other countries data protection and privacy laws may not be equivalent to those in my own country. I understand that these entities may rely on and be subject to national anti-doping laws that override my consent or other applicable laws that may require information to be disclosed to local courts, law enforcement, or other public authorities. I can obtain more information on national anti-doping laws from my International Federation or National Anti-Doping Agency.
I have read and understand the present declaration.”