Објављено: 1.3.2010

In accordance with WADA recommendations in 2010 Anti-doping Agency of Serbia points out importance of out of competition doping controls. Athletes in Serbia could expect in future more frequently testing at training place, at home or at their working place. This information primary regards athletes in national Register Testing Pool (RTP) which provide where about data for doping control officers every three months, taking care to up date them regularly. Athletes out of RTP could expect out of competition testing as well, but it will be probably organized during precompetition period and at training place. All testing will be conduct unannounced. The program out of competition testing is stronger in this fight every day. The experience showed that athletes less frequently cheat during competitions. The goal is to provide during whole year clean sport, to preserve integrity and spirit of sport and to deterrent athletes from doping. At the same time we save the role model of athletes for youth and take care about athletes health.