Anti-doping education of the newly established Serbian powerlifting federation

Објављено: 11.8.2014


Serbian Powerlifting Federation was established during 2014. and now regularly holds competitions across the country. Powerlifting is a sport that should be considered as high-risk in terms of doping, which is supported by the doping positive cases within the IPF, which is why representatives of the national federation decided to first implement an active anti-doping education to athletes and informed them before the first doping control in this sport . The lecture, which was held on Saturday 08.09.2014 in Novi Sad, which is host of the competition, was attended by over 20 coaches, athletes and representatives of the association. Basic questions about doping and anti-doping statistics in powerlifting took attention of audience and provoked active discussion. ADAS welcomes the initiative of the federation to organize this kind of education, which is always the best form of prevention in the fight against doping.