Peer education in Kragujevac

Објављено: 17.6.2016

Dr Aleksandar Stamenkovic, ADAS’ DCO and assistant on the project of peer education attended the first lecture of the young antidoping educators maintain their peers, also students of this school, at the invitation of Medical school students with the boarding school “Sestre Ninkovic” – Kragujevac, who attended lectures from ADAS educators in the field of anti-doping peer education in May 2016, as well as the director of the school.

Young educators: Milica Pavic, Angela Ristivojević and Kristina Milovanovic, thirs grade students from medical school, successfully held a lecture to students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade of pediatric department (lecture was attended by more than 50 students).

Before and after the lecture, an interview was conducted with young educators, competent teacher, Mrs. Milanka Bulatović (present throughout the duration of education), as well as the director of the school, Mrs. Slavica Janković, who expressed desire and readiness for continuation of cooperation between their school and ADAS during the next school year.