Doping Control for Horses Procedure


After the race, the announcement in written form are given to the horse owner or person responsible to bring the chosen horse to the doping control station. Gallop horses have to come to doping control station immediately after the race. Trotter horse can be escort to the stable to remove additional equipment and than come to doping control. The winner horses come to the station after the winner ceremony.
Doping control station is consist of the adequate stable and outdoor space where horse can walk and calm down after the race. It is necessary to provide a fresh water for horse to drink and to wash off sweat, dust and sand. After the certain time horse is brought in to the stable, where the doping control officer start the sampling procedure.
Person responsible can choose a sampling kit that will be used, which is opened and checked in front of him. It is important to check that the numbers are the same on A and B bottle and on the side of the kit box. Collected urine are poured first in A bottle (minimum 70 ml) and then in B bottle (minimum 30 ml). After that doping control officer close both bottle, packed them in plastic bags and then in carton box. Blood are collected into the 10 ml vacutainer tubes which are placed in plastic urine bottles (3 in A bottle and 3 in B bottle), closed and packed.
Doping control officer have to complete control form, in which he write the basic data considering horse, owner race and also the sampling numbers. First part of control form goes to the laboratory, second part to the Antidoping agency of Serbia and third part to the person responsible. Every part of the form has to be signed by person responsible and by members of doping committee.


DCO’s for horses:


Milan Anicic
Mirna Jovanovic
Marijana Kiricojevic
Darko Marinkovic
Lazar Markovic
Natalija Milcic-Matic
Nebojsa Popovic
Milos Stanic