Report: Majority of Steroid Users Not Competitive Athletes!

Objavljeno: 8.9.2015



(AST Sports Science) Now days the public will almost always associate the words “anabolic steroids” with elite athletes, sensational drug scandals and cheating.


However, according to a recent report involving the largest sample group to date; the majority of (anabolic) steroid users are not athletes. These people do not aspire to win world titles or Olympic gold medals. They don’t even compete in organized competition.


According to this scientific survey, published in a leading sports science journal, the typical anabolic steroid user is around 30 years old, well-educated, and earning an above-average income in a white-collar occupation.


This report concluded that the majority of non-medical anabolic steroid users are just regular people who want to build muscle, get lean and improve their physical attractiveness.


Other significant but less highly ranked factors included increased confidence, improved mood and attraction of sexual partners.


The authors suggest that steroid users don’t fall into the same category as abusers of narcotics and other illicit drugs – steroid users are “different”.


According to the report, most steroid users follow carefully planned drug regimens in conjunction with a healthy diet, ancillary drugs and exercise. With these people, everything is strategically planned to “maximize benefits and minimize harm” – behavior that is directly opposite to the spontaneous and haphazard approach seen in abusers of psychotropic drugs.