Successful participation of ADAS at finished Olympic Games in Vancouver

Objavljeno: 1.3.2010

Although the 21st Winter Olympic Games will be remembered by the huge numbers of doping controls, many athletes have also brought good memories of socializing with members of the World Anti-Doping Agency in the Athlete Outreach Program. Since the games held at two locations- in Vancouver and Whistler, in both places were checkpoints to educate athletes. In Whistler, one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world, in the Athlete Outreach Program worked a representative of the Serbian Anti-Doping Agency-Marija Andjelkovic. The experience that Dr. Andjelkovic certainly gained is valuable and useful because she had a chance to educated athletes in a relaxed atmosphere by solving the quiz about doping and seeing what is their level of knowledge related to this field of sport.

During the first ten days of the Olympic Game, Maria met with hundreds of athletes, coaches and doctors from all over the world and as a representative of WADA, sought to educate many athletes on anti-doping fight. As a reward for successfully solved quiz athletes received gift- hat and scarf with the logo of WADA Play fair, which is only contributed to the motivation of athletes to visit the workspace WADA. According to the World Anti-Doping Agency representatives this has been one of the most successful Athlete Outreach program, and for our country even more significant because in this education program for the first time Serbia took part. Marija Andjelkovic had a chance to meet celebrities and former athletes who have come to visit the Olympic village, such as Sergey Bubka and Prince Albert of Monaco.