Drug dealers are being prosecuted in Serbia

Објављено: 4.3.2012

Illicit production and trafficking of doping substances is regulated by article 49 of the Law on prevention of doping in sport and it is punishable with imprisonment sentence of at least five years. This fact is used by the Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Subotica in conducting the trial against the two dealers caught at the border with Hungary. Doctors of Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia were called as expert witnesses in order to explain how the seized drug are used and what are their indications.

Criminal law in terms of doping does not exist in all European countries. Serbia, together with Austria and Italy adopted this solution because the danger of doping is understood on time. On the other hand, Interpol and its members treat doping as a hot topic, and devote their attention to those who until now was reserved only for the drug market. Perhaps the best example of police activity is the Austrian anti-doping police department who is established two years ago. For the first eleven months they had impressive results: 2 million seized doping substances, 2 illegal laboratories, 120 accused and 700 witnesses examined. If we add newly discovered substances and detection of international channels, then the whole operation looks like the fight against drug dealers.

Because of all the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia is committed to support establishing in Serbia Anti-Doping police, following the example of Austria and other European countries. Two years ago by the invitation of ADAS the directors of Austrian anti-doping police stayed for the first time in Serbia and in a meeting with the Minister of Youth and Sport Snezana Samardzic Markovic agreed that the issue of anti-doping police department is extremely important and should be set up in the Serbian police. After that, a return visit to the Austria, State Secretary of Ministry of Interior police of Serbia, Dragan Markovic and his associates have been informed about all aspects of anti-doping police. It is concluded that the field of doping requires further cooperation, and that the Serbian police new systematization should provide anti-doping department.

All these activities have led to a change in thinking about doping in Serbia. Constant talk about the necessity of preventing doping in sport has come to those institutions that are not primarily involved in sports like Customs, Prosecutors and the Court, but without them is impossible to beat doping.

Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia is grateful to all those who run the Serbian institutions in the prevention of doping , especially thanks the Border police, Customs and the Higher Public Prosecutor\’s Office and the Court of Subotica to the committed efforts of the first cases to be processed.