Seminar of sports nutrition and supplementation in the Youth Academy of Football Club Red Star

Објављено: 9.4.2012

Within the education project of our best athletes experts of Sports Medicine Association of Serbia (SMAS) and the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia (ADAS) have appeared in the youth academy of football club Red Star.

The basic idea of the problems of doping and sports nutrition and proper supplementation of the youngest athletes has been confirmed in all previous studies conducted by the SMAS and ADAS, because young athletes have not yet adopted the wrong habits. Youth football schools are ideal for education since players spend a lot of time together, train together, and sometimes have meals together which depends of the level of the organization.

The new interactive approach enabled lecturers to assess knowledge of the audience. Thus, for example only 8% of those present knew how many positive doping cases in Serbia, while only 18% of players responded positively to understand the harmful effects of anabolic steroids. If it is any consolation, 44% of them knew that cannabis remains in the body for up to 3 weeks and that one can recklessly taking a drug to make them applicable for many days thereafter.

Doctors SMAS proved that athletes drink water only when they are thirsty at the European U20 championship in basketball in Sarajevo in 2011. The same fact has been proved by Red Star players which could be the cause of chronical dehydration. Problem of basic knowledge of sports supplementation is perhaps best reflected in the hydration. SMAS action with the Company for the production of dietary supplements Esensa once again received a certificate. Young players had the opportunity to taste new sports drink HydroStar at the end of the course.

Lecturers rated the course as necessary. By this education players have been taught to eat properly and thus help themselves to have energy and good health, but not be doped.