Bioethics and sport – doping problems

Објављено: 4.12.2013

photo 2bDuring 2013 on public debates in Dom omladine in Belgrade, Bioethics Association of Serbia started series of lectures about sport bioethics. On public debates held in November one of the themes was complex and actual subjects related to doping. Participants of this debate were: Dr Milica Vukasinovic-Vesic, director of Anti-doping Agency of Serbia, Darko Sarovic, student of 5th year of Medical School of the University of Belgrade who is also member of Serbian national team in athletics on 60m, 100m, 200m and 4x100m, PhD Ljubomir Masirevic, who deals with general sociology, sociology of culture, fashion and sport and PhD Sandra Radenovic, associated professor at Medical School University of Belgrade.

At this public debate we answered questions: what is doping and how much doping is present in modern sport, we presented history of doping and objectives of work and way of functioning of Anti-doping Agency of Serbia. We also heard what professional sportsman, but also sport sociologist thinks about doping. PhD Sandra Radenovic informed us about the way in which Medical School students can get more information about this and similar subjects in scope of this subject at integrated medical studies at Medical School in University of Belgrade.