Doping as a topic at just finished Sport Conference 2014

Objavljeno: 27.2.2014

Third year in a row, the basketball club Red Star Telecom hosted Euroleague qualifying tournament for juniors, which was held over the weekend in Belgrade. As part of the tournament it was held sports forum called Sport Conference 2014. Sport Conference 2014. aimed to introduce students to current issues in the management of the sport. Sports medicine and doping were for the first time the theme of this conference, and it proved to be an excellent initiative.

The students were more than interested in the problems of doping and anti-doping fight, and the discussion after the lecture brought to light their comments related with actual doping cases. Anti-doping statistics in basketball with marijuana as the greatest cause of positive doping in basketball, interested students in the audience , just like a new doping rules that come into force from 2015.

We are grateful to the organizer for the invitation to this successful lecture.