Serbia – country of the absurd

Objavljeno: 19.9.2014
Probably none of us doesn‘t follow the news or comments of readers every day, but the electronic edition Blic 18.09.2014 has a small record. Specifically, topics related to doping of American basketball has almost as many comments as well as topics related to the reduction of salaries and the announced politics of savings. The result is 552: 456 (recorded at 17:27) for economy. Is it possible that eternal question related to doping of American basketball players constantly causes the same interest. Nothing is worth that every year we respond to the same question and regularily write news or article. Even it does not help that we personally tested American basketball players at numerous competitions, including the Olympics in London 2012. Simple people think different. That is not just a philosophical question, or a question for sociology, but it is primarily a question that reveals a basic misunderstanding of how the system is functioning and also lack a sense of analytics and statistics. Misunderstanding regarding economics is voiding us in further recession and lack of understanding how the contemporary sports functions does not void us to a place that we desire in every competition.