New Law on Prevention of Doping in Sport adopted

The National Assembly yesterday unanimously approved in principle and in general the new law on prevention of doping in sport.

Solutions of the new Act are consistent with recent amendments to the international anti-doping regulations which will come into force on 1. January 2015. The most important changes are that in addition to the previous eight violations of anti-doping rules, two new injuries are introduced – complicity and illicit association. Harmonization of national laws with the latest amendments to international rules allow our athletes to participate in international competitions, to organize international competitions in Serbia, and also allows our national sports federations to remain full members of their international sports federations.

Under the new law, athletes who intentionally use prohibited substance shall be punished with at least 4 years of prohibition of sports activities and the athletes who prove that there was no fault or negligence on his/her part at all in relation to doping positive result will not be banned from competition.

It is important to emphasize that all relevant authorities gave positive opinions regarding the new Law on prevention of doping in sport, and that is one of the few laws that National assembly unanimously adopted. This indicates a broad consensus of all relevant stakeholders in society in the fight against doping in sport and is certainly a recognition of work of the Ministry of Youth and Sports as well as work of Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia.

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