Lecture at the international conference “Sport, Health and Environment”

Objavljeno: 31.10.2014
Faculty of Sports University Union organized the first international conference on "Sport, Health, Environment", with the aim to contribute to solving the current theoretical and practical issues in these vitally important areas. Participation in the aforementioned scientific conference has taken more than a hundred authors from ten countries, who presented seventy-five original research papers.


In the framework of this conference as a keynote speaker lecture on "Bioethics and sport-doping issues" was given by Dr. Milica Vukašinović-Vesić. Attendees were able to hear the historical facts about the origin of doping and the most crucial moments in the history of the sport who have contributed to the greater use of doping substances. Dr Vukasinovic-Vesic presented all the relevant facts relating to the work and results of the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia in the last nine years.