Lectures to students of Pharmacy under the auspices of Cathedra of bromatology

Објављено: 16.1.2015

When after nine years you begin to see the result of your work, or when in the medical report of distinguish colleague, PhD Željko Mijušković from the Military Medical Academy, states that since the patient is an athlete needs to inform the Anti doping Agency due to prescribed corticosteroid therapy, it all makes more sense. Similar is the case with students of Phramacy who are checking whether supplement it is on the Prohibited List before taking them on the university competitions. Because of this lectures to students of Phramacy have special significance, because it is not enough just to ask, but also actively to think, because tomorrow they will potentially make decisions on behalf of some athletes. On the other hand Cathedra of Bramatology represents one of the most trusted associates Anti-Doping Agency of the Republic of Serbia, and not only because of interest, but rather because of joint work and research. Of course all this would not be possibe without a Cathedra Head, Prof. Dr. Brizita Djordjevic, who are successfully helps Anti-Doping Agency as an active member of the Board of Directors. I use this opportunity to thank Prof. Djordjevic for everything she is doing.

dr Nenad Dikić