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Betsy Kramar Andreu is spouse of Frankie Andreu who is was born on September 26, 1966 in Dearborn, Michigan. He began his cycling career in track cycling, winning the individual pursuit during the 1984 Junior National Track Cycling Championships in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. In 1985, he placed first in the Madison during the National Track Cycling Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana. and second in the points race and team pursuit. In 1988, Andreu qualified to represent the United States Cycling Team in Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea where he placed eighth in the points race.

In an interview with the New York Times in September 2006, Andreu admitted that he had taken EPO to help prepare for the 1999 Tour de France. Andreu said he was introduced to Performance-enhancing drugs in 1995 while he was riding for Motorola.
Frankie Andreu gave more details in his September 2012 USADA affidavit declaring he used EPO in 1998 as he traveled preparing for the 1999 Tour. Andreu declared he knowingly received EPO injections in 1999 after races by the USPS Team doctor, Dr. del Moral. In 1999 immediately after the Tour de France, his wife Betsy, found a thermos with EPO in their refrigerator. Betsy questioned Andreu about the drugs and was very upset. In a signed affidavit to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) Frankie Andreu testified he responded to his wife by saying, “You don’t understand. This is the only way I can keep up in the Tour.”
Betsy has become one of the main witnesses against Armstrong. She said she knew that Armstrong used prohibited substances even in 1995 while he was treated in hospital. According to her own words she was primarily concerned for the health of her husband, and the detection of EPO in the refrigerator is only strengthened her in order to put an end doping of her husband.

On the regular annual semniar of WADA 2015 in Lausanne, Betsy has testified before the greatest experts in the prevention of doping in the sport of international sports federations and countries around the world. Unified opinion of all was that she is one brave and strong-minded woman who has done much to stop the use of doping substances in the best cycling team of USA.

Betsy is a Serbian origin, has three children and in her own words poorly speak Serbian, but by those who had the opportunity to talk with her, her Serbian is more than solid.

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