Online Anti-Doping education as requirement for Superleague

Objavljeno: 20.8.2015


Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia in a joint pilot project with Volleyball and Handball Association of Serbia organized an electronic Anti-Doping education for all athletes of the two federations who want to perform in the national football league competition. Both federations implemented an obligation taking the online anti-doping education as one of the conditions for registration and competition in the next competitive season in their regulations for the registration of athletes. This is the first time since formation of ADAS for alliances to conduct this type of education and impose it as an obligation to their athletes. We thank both Volleyball and the Handball Federations on the will and desire to participate in this project and conduct it the best possible way. In the next year ADAS will call for the same kind of education in all other national branch sport associations. (član 7)…