ADAS e-learning has about 1200 reviews

Objavljeno: 25.8.2015

Electronic education which was activated in March of this year so far has been seen by 1,200 athletes. Education is based as a video lecture that athletes can watch informative or to solve the anti-doping test at the end of the lecture. Volleyball Federation of Serbia and the Serbian Handball Federation are currently in cooperation with ADAS introduced electronic education as an obligation for all athletes who are competing in their professional leagues. Both federations put in their regulations for the registration of athletes the obligation of taking the online anti-doping education as one of the conditions for registration and competition in the next competitive season. This is the first time to conduct this type of training and impose as an obligation to athletes, which is why we once again thank for their cooperation. The result is that the number of views on YouTube is growing on a daily basis at high speed.