Eight anti-doping seminar and workshop held in Vienna WADA accredited laboratory

Objavljeno: 20.11.2015


During the weekend and at Monday in Vienna WADA accredited laboratory (Seiberdorf) was held the eighth annual seminar. The theme of this seminar was a technical document (TDSS) that WADA introduced last year to all anti-doping organizations with the idea that 2015 will trial year and from 2016 it will be mandatory. This technical document refers to the percentage of additional analyzes from blood and urine tests that must be complied within the specified sport disciplines. The idea is to provide a uniform intelligence testing in all anti-doping organizations. An additional analyzes include erythropoiesis stimulating factors (ESA), growth hormone (GH) and growth hormone releasing factor (GHRFs).


During workshop was represente experience of all major anti-doping organizations in the region, as well as UEFA and UCI as one of the largest international federations. The conclusion of the workshop was that this document represents a major challenge for all, mainly due to additional costs. The price of any of the three additional analysis is almost equal to the cost of a doping control urine or blood. That is why all the anti-doping agencies had to reduce the total number of doping control so they can comply with the additional analysis for each sport and discipline. Dr Nenad Dikić had a lecture where he presented the experience of Serbia to respect the TDSS. ADAS had the highest rate of success in respect of the technical document of all countries in the region. Although Dr. Dikić introduce a lot of questions in his lecture to representatives of WADA, there was questions that still needs to be answered. The general impression is that it remains unclear how the representatives of WADA defined a percentage of additional analysis that must be done and whether it was evidence based. The year 2016 will certainly bring a new experience of all anti-doping organizations that will have to comply with this document.