Objavljeno: 22.12.2015

The greatest value of the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia are people. We’re small government institution that has experts who can be compared with experts from any faculty in sports, medicine or law. We do not mean only the employees of the Agency but also to all doping control officers (DCO), as well as, members of our boards. The fact that each of us can present data shows that education on which we insist all these years has a big importance.

Doping kontrolorka Jelena Rašić

So our doping control officer Jelena Rasic who is biochemist in addition to doping control in the finals in volleyball at the national championship in school sports held a lecture for all the participants of the anti-doping fight in sport. Jelena has not only participated in this lecture, but she has already written an abstract for the First Congress on the prevention of doping in sport and so along with five doping control officers showed that research is integral part of every DCO.

Finale u odbojci na državnom prvenstvu u školskom sportu

At the same time none of this is pro forma, but substantial consideration relating to doping, nutrition, supplementation, treatment of injuries and etc. And when you think that the activities of doping control activiries stop here then we should mention humanitarian activities. So our DCO were present took part in rescue action during flood in Obrenovac. Also, our DCO were present in Nepal and took part in the treatment of Sherpas. In addition, after the earthquake together with the Mountaineering Association of Serbia they initiated the campaign to raise funds for the care of orthopedic injuries. Yet, last activity of Dr. Ivo Bubalo showed how DCO of Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia could be great. She is under the auspices of the French humanitarian organization VAHA, specialized in providing medical assistance to women and children throughout the route by which refugees pass, invited to be part of a team of doctors to help in the acceptance of migrants on the island of Samos in Greece. We congratulate her on that.

Iva Bubalo

We are proud and happy to be together with her and other DCOs, which in addition to all regular activities have found the time to research and humanitarian work. And then the title of this news has real meaning: “Where there are friends, there is wealth”.