Anti-Doping education among students


Last Sunday in the Medical School “Nadezda Petrovic” second-year students made an interesting panel about doping. Inspiring visit to Sports Fair and stand Anti-Doping Agency of the Republic of Serbia, have resolved to their impressions and reflections on doping transferred to the panel which is now featured in the school hall.

The idea for this kind of peer education and the great support came from Dr. Snezana Rajacic with which ADAS cooperating for many years and regularly organizes lectures, mostly in football where Dr. Rajacic is most active. In medical school Snezana teaches hygiene, health care and pathology. Within the section of preventive medicine, which she also organizes, a billboard on doping was made and the entire action included school psychologist as well.


The students recognized how much risk doping agents carry, so they initiated work on several presentations regarding the harmfulness of anabolic steroids under the mentorship of Dr. Snezana.
ADAS would like to commend and support this type of education and to emphasize the importance of recognizing the harmfulness of doping among students.

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