ADAS launched a peer education program on the fight against doping

Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia today (February 25th) started the peer education program on the fight against doping.
The initiator of the project is Dr Snezana Rajačić in front of Medical school “Nadezda Petrovic”. ADAS immediately recognized and accepted the importance of cooperation. Students of this school where Dr. Rajačić teaches several specialized subjects, often voluntarily chosen doping as the theme of their interest.

Today we held the first meeting with 18 girls and boys who showed the initiative to participate in this program. The idea is that high school students educate about harmful effects of doping among its peers. Since this is a continuous process, the students will listen a series of lectures in order to become peer educators. That is why the candidates at the next meeting for young educators take the test of basic knowledge in the field of doping, in order to implement the first selection of those who will become teachers. During March and April, will form a group of selected students who will become educators based on their expertise and interests.

It has been shown that in these peer groups information are more easily transmitted. The fact that there is no generational barriers facilitates communication and thus the efficiency of education is higher and more effective.

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