Basic questions on doping in archery

Objavljeno: 28.3.2016

Doctors of Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia organizes an average of one lecture a week. We consider teaching as our duty, because there is no better way to prevent doping in sport. We have just done two lectures as part of the regular education before the Belgrade Marathon at the Dom omladine (Youth center), two lectures on the Ski Fest organized by the Association of sport for all and a lecture by the invitation of Serbian Archery Association during this week. Although this last lecture was scheduled “today for tomorrow” we accepted it, because education is for us the most important area of work. Preparing the lecture for one sport, even Olympic, is not easy. First of all there are no official statistics on the website of the World Archery site, neither on the site of World Anti-Doping Agency. Only thanks to the experience and knowing of a large number of people we were able to get information related to archery from Prof. Dr. Emin Ergen (President of the medical commission of the World Archery) and from the Anti-Doping date base which for years is maintened by Norwegian journalist Trond Huso. The reason for such a large writing is the presence of only ten representatives of Serbian Archery Association of Serbia, three coaches and three paralymic competitors and four competitors. Although we always talk no matter how many of those present, the question remains whether it is possible that the association that represents the Olympic sport with 28 clubs, 846 registred athletes, 1 scholarship and 2,7 million dinars from the budget of the Ministry of Youth and Sports has only 10 people interested to hear about doping and statistics linking to their sport. We believe that the work within one sport has to be professional in all areas and that learning is the only way to go forward.

We thank to all on the picture that were on the lecture.

Doc. Dr. Nenad Dikic
President of the Doping Control Board