Paper about ADAS’ information system

At recently held scientific conference “Sinteza 2016” we have presented a paper on Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia’s information system titled „Applied Information and Communication Technology in the Antidoping Agency of Serbia – view of the system administrator”. As title indicates, this paper focuses on aspects of ADAS’ information system with particular emphasis on job posiiton of system administrator.

Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia represents a rare case among governmental institutions considering that statutory job positions include the system administrator. This position is conditioned by the need for performing the following tasks: Design and maintenance of website (mainly for education of athletes, news, etc.), Online education via Moodle platform, Use Facebook for education and communication, Use YouTube and Google books for additional education and communication., Developing android application, Pre-press of all educational material and books. Since one of the main tasks of ADAS is education, applied information and communication technology is very important. Education is recognized as the key reason for the reduction of the number of doping positive cases in Serbia during ten years of work of ADAS.

We would also like to add that Second congress on prevention of doping in sport, which was held two days ago, was broadcast live over the internet. More than 1500 people watched our Congress online. Video recording will be available online soon, to scholarship of the Ministry of Youth and Sports holders in the context of online anti-doping education.

Here you can download abstracts of the paper in PDF format.

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