Great acknowledgement for Anti-Doping Agency of the Republic of Serbia

Објављено: 23.5.2016

Milica Vukašinovi-Vesić

Dr Milica Vukašinović-Vesić, Director of Anti-Doping Agency of the Republic of Serbia, has been elected as a member of the Medical Commission of the European Swimming Federation (LEN), at the meeting of the Bureau of LEN held last week in London.

This nomination is a great acknowledgement to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Anti-Doping Agency and it is direct result of great cooperation that has been established with medical and anti-doping LEN delegates at the European Water Polo Championship, held at the Belgrade in January of this year.

Fact that, beside Dr Vesić, two our experts have been elected in different LEN bodies and commissions, and that Mr Aleksandar Sostar became member of the Bureau of this organization, clearly shows importance and respect which Serbian sport has in the world.

We think that presence of our experts in international sport federations is from great importance on position of Serbian athletes and our sport in the world.