Safety of bottle for doping control

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At request of many domestic and foreign athletes, President of Doping Control Board of ADAS, Dr. Nenad Dikic has received from manufacturer of bottles for doping control, Berliger Special AG, an official confirmation that that closing mechanism is secure from:

  • Mechanical opening
  • Application of a magnetic field
  • Application of heat or cold
  • Application of quick changes between temperature extremes
  • Applications of micro-waves
  • Action of common acids and solvents
  • Action of body fluids (saliva or urine)

Confirmation was issued by Qualitech AG, independent, accredited materials testing center from Switzerland.

But the WADA report of an independent person McLaren states: “Expert scratches and marks was able to remove the stroke of a closed bottle letting some minor scratches and marks that were visible in the untrained eye, but that is clearly visible under mikroskopskopom. Independent person is presented graphic demonstration of experts. ”

In the end, we can only wonder who is right and whether an independent person permitted himself too much, taking as evidence, what the manufacturer denies.

We recall that it was one of the arguments for denying a large number of Russian athletes to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio, and their entire Paralympic team.

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