Anti-Doping education of young cyclists at Goc

Објављено: 7.9.2016

In agreement with the Cycling Federation of Serbia, ADAS held anti-doping education of young cyclists during their preparation on mountain Goc. During August, training of about 100 athletes aged 11-17 years took place on three occasions (14, 20 and 24 August). Experienced DCO Jelena Rasic gave a lecture to children, which was used for discussion and many questions that the children had on the topic of doping control procedure, like therapeutic use exemptions etc. It turned out that this issue is very actual among children and deserves the time and the opportunity for education, as has been provided by BSS.

ADAS is grateful to BSS for the cooperation and their desire to continue the anti-doping fight, even among the youngest athletes because it is a good time to learn the harmful effects of doping substances and how much risk they carry.