Education held in Kanjiža at the kickboxing camp of the Vojvodina Association

Објављено: 17.8.2023

ADAS held an education in Kanjiža at the kickboxing camp of the Vojvodina Association.

“Camp of promising athletes of the Kickboxing Association of Vojvodina” is organized with the help of the Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth. The organizer of the camp is KBS “Gozo Šioda” from Kanjiža, with the coordination of the Kickboxing Association of Vojvodina. There are over 100 trainees from 19 clubs from the territory. Vojvodina.

The sports-educational camp is designed as a basis for the order of practitioners, competitors and coaches. The educational aspect of the camp is realized in cooperation with ADAS, the Coaching and Referee Commission, the Kickboxing Federation of Serbia, the Association of Sports Veterans of Novi Sad, whose Olympic medal holders are responsible for the presentation of the Olympic Hour and Olympic values.

As part of basic anti-doping education, ADAS also held a lecture on the topic of adverse effects of the most commonly used doping substances in this sport.

We would like to thank the athletes present for the great interaction during the lecture.