China’s anti-doping agency hits back at USADA accusations

Објављено: 28.6.2024

China’s anti-doping authorities have hit back at what is described as groundless accusations made by overseas media and, in particular, its United States counterpart for manipulating facts and undermining the country’s anti-doping efforts.

The China Anti-Doping Agency, known as CHINADA, issued a statement on Thursday against misrepresentations made by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) at a congressional hearing on Tuesday.

During the hearing, USADA CEO Travis Tygart made baseless accusations against CHINADA and the World Anti-Doping Agency, or WADA, claiming they were involved in “covering up an intentional doping case” involving 23 Chinese swimmers in early 2021. A comprehensive investigation had found that the swimmers were not at fault due to a mass contamination incident.

“This has severely undermined the reputation of CHINADA, WADA and the global anti-doping system. USADA’s brazen ‘long arm’ jurisdiction is undoubtedly a manifestation of out-and-out hegemonism and imperiousness,” said the CHINADA statement.

“Its intention to manipulate the case for political purposes is all too clear, which runs counter to the principles of fairness, justice and integrity it has claimed to champion.

“USADA is seeking to undermine the well-functioning world anti-doping order that the anti-doping community has worked hard to build and shake up, or even subvert the global anti-doping governance system, which is designated to serve the athletes all over the world equally so as to seize the global anti-doping leadership role. We strongly reject and oppose such move.”

In response to the 2021 incident, WADA ran its own investigation on reports by CHINADA and reviewed the case strictly supported by an external consultation, before concluding that no athletes should be held accountable for doping violations. The 23 swimmers involved were proven to have ingested banned substance trimetazidine, or TMZ, unwittingly after inadvertently being exposed to it at a hotel so that their tests at the competition returned positive results for an “extremely low concentration” of the substance…….