IOC Announces New USD 10 Million Fund To Support ITA Anti-Doping Efforts

Објављено: 1.7.2024

Reiterating its commitment to the protection of clean athletes, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has allocated a new USD 10 million fund to further support the development of the International Testing Agency (ITA) over the next Olympiad (2025-2028).

In 2017, the IOC decided to establish a USD 30 million fund for the creation of the ITA, to make testing independent from any conflict of interest and to restore trust in the anti-doping system. Seven years later, the IOC recognises the quality of the work accomplished and calls on the ITA to continue strengthening independent and intelligence-led anti-doping programmes.

The ITA, pursuing a sustainable financial model that mainly relies on revenues from the over 70 international sports bodies to which it delivers programmes, has been able to reduce its reliance on the IOC’s Olympic Movement financial contribution to only 9 per cent of its annual budget. This figure is lower than anticipated at the inception of the Agency, and demonstrates its increased financial independence……