Objavljeno: 10.2.2009

UEFA’s doping control officers (DCOs) have met in Nyon to discuss a catalogue of issues which have an impact on their jobs, as UEFA continues its concerted campaign against drug-taking in football. In the 2007/08 campaign, 2,027 in and out-of-competition doping controls were conducted in all UEFA competitions, including the UEFA EURO 2008™ final tournament, as well as at youth, women’s and futsal events. EPO – the substance deployed to increase endurance, recuperation and physical strength – was analysed in 1,515 samples. A total of 637 out-of-competition controls were conducted, representing around a third of the doping controls during the whole season. In the current season, 566 players have been tested in-competition so far, including 255 for EPO. Out-of-competition tests on 285 players from the 32 teams taking part in the UEFA Champions League have been carried out so far.

The 45 DCOs are medical doctors who perform in and out-of-competition controls at matches in all UEFA tournaments. The seminar discussed the impact of the new regulations on the DCOs\’ operations, as well as the effects of the new WADA Code and new WADA Prohibited List 2009 on football.

One of the candidates for new doping control officers was Dr Jelena Oblakovic Babic, head of doping control in Anti-doping Agency of Serbia. On this way Serbia will be presented by two medical doctors in Anti-doping unit, since Dr Nenad Dikic is working as UEFA DCO from 2006. He has got a task with four colleagues to test new system of measurement of specific gravity of the sample.