Objavljeno: 12.2.2009

Anti-doping Agency of Serbia has one more success on international field. Dr Nenad Dikić, who is appointed for Director of UIAA Anti-doping Commission, has done first out of competition controls on Ice Climbing competition under the authority of UIAA. On that way UIAA has done one major step towards Code Compliant International Federation. This cooperation has opened the door to closer cooperation between UIAA and ADAS and now Dr Marija Andjelkovic will do all the TUE i whereabouts for UIAA. She will start this big job forming the Registered Testing Pool of UIAA.

ADAS is only national anti-doping agency who is doing second year in row doping control on FIBA Europe competitions. Apart that dr Jelena Suzić i dr Nenad Dikić are supervising medical doctors of FIBA and Dr Jelena Oblaković Babić and Dr Nenad Dikić are doping control officers of UEFA. From 2008 Dr Nenad Dikić is Chair of TUE Commission in International Water Ski Federation (IWSF). This kind of approach is positioning ADAS in the group of good international agencies and provides excellent reputation of the country and Ministry of youth and sport of Serbia.