Nepovoljan analitički nalaz za škotskog ragbistu Sema Kalmersa

Objavljeno: 26.8.2013
Scottish rugby player Sam Chalmers has adverse finding on drug test Harmonization of rules and procedures still not complete in anti-doping, which often leads to issues in sanctioning and processing of cases. JADCO needs to address concerns raised by former head Renee Ann Shirley, writes Jamaican born UK MP Diane Abbott More on questions about AOD-9604 and ASADA The Essendon supplement saga: “In all the talk about duty of care, corporate governance, and pharmacological environments, little has been said about player accountability” A longer summary of the Essendon supplement saga Summary of the Essendon/Hird situations going into Monday’s AFL Commission meeting. Final deal still being worked out. Braun apology has a familiar ring to it, writes columnist Germany Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich says anti-doping law for professional sports, but not for “recreational sport” First samples tested in Anti Doping Denmark’s drug testing partnership with DTI lab to do analysis from samples collected in fitness centers and gyms Focus for testing is “value for money”—“intelligent testing.” A look back at the first major Olympic sports doping scandal the 1983 Pan Am Games Lance Armstrong settles lawsuit brought by London Sunday Times to recover settlement paid to Armstrong in libel case in 2006. Question now, what happens in the other lawsuits(subscription required) Weight loss drugs banned in Europe, legal in US Interview with Johan Bruyneel on all things not tied to the USADA case CCN and Skins’ Jamie Fuller on UCI, McQuaid, Armstrong, cycling The “farce” of legalized doping War on drugs in sport: With the passage of time and increase in technology what will grow is “our disinterest in an ill-conceived war that is no longer worth fighting.” Former NFL coach tired of “players and their drug issues” Professional sports, for better or worse, are in the entertainment business Research article on energy drinks