Bivši bankar uhapšen zbog posedovanja steroida

Objavljeno: 10.9.2013
Canadian swimmer Dmitry Shulga banned for 11 months. Substance found in his urine from a supplement, but not listed by name on WADA banned list UK rugby player Michael Ryan banned for two years Comrades top ten male and female finishers in 2013 test “clean” on all doping controls IOC still waiting for Lance Armstrong to return 2000 Olympic bronze medal. Documentary director asks: is Armstrong telling the truth about not doping in 2009/2010 Tour de France or is it just another lie? Video of press conference at Toronto Film Festival(press conference starts at 12:20 of the video). Swedish research team says it has developed method to catch blood dopers Part II of a law professor’s look at Choose The Right Track. German NADA chair Dr. Andrea Gotzmann’s statement on the “Doping in Germany” study NHL will not test for HGH for at least another year Mo Farah says he’s no cheat. Calls for uniformity in drug testing, where every athlete is subjected to the same amount of tests and test sophistication Stem cells: hype or the next big thing in medicine? Columnist writes that he wishes there was a drug that could prolong tennis players’ careers Doctor claims that PEDs don’t help in injury recovery Bach compliments IOC president Jacques Rogge the day before the election to determine who will succeed him. Saudi Anti-doping Committee conducts symposium for football team More on UCI presidential election politics McQuaid repeats his claim that cycling’s future would be uncertain if he is not reelected president of UCI because of his tenure with the IOC US delegate on UCI Board, Mike Plant, writes letter stating that UCI should allow CAS to decide on the legality of the proposed changes to the UCI constitution regarding the nominating process McQuaid says he now regrets saying that Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling. Says there is a place for Armstrong if he wants to “help cycling.” Fight over the presidency of the UCI takes the spotlight off a “good year” for cycling Former banker busted for steroid possession